Choi Sung-won ‘done adjusting’ to PBA Tour…’Spanish powerhouse trio’ and more compress PBA Tour quarterfinals

South Korean three-cushion sensation Choi Sung-won (Hewons) is on a roll. After picking up his first professional win on the tour, he advanced to the quarterfinals with a dominating performance.

In the Round of 16 of the Huon’s PBA Championship, the fifth tour event of the season, held at the Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium in Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, on Nov. 28, Choi Sung-won defeated Kang Seung-yong 3-1 in straight sets to advance to the quarterfinals, another career-best performance. In addition, David Zapata (Blue One Resort), David Martinez (Crown HaeTae), and Javier Palazon (Huons), the Spanish powerhouse trio, also reached the quarterfinals.

In addition, ‘Blue One Resort captain’ Uhm Sang-pil, ‘Vietnamese powerhouse’ Mamin Gum (NHK Card), Park Kwang-yeol and Lee Sang-yong joined the quarterfinals.

After earning his first professional victory in four games and his first win in five tournaments, “Korean 3 Cushion Signboard” Choi Sung-won continued his upward trajectory, seemingly adapting to the professional stage perfectly. Facing Kang Seung-yong in the round of 16, Choi got off to a flying start, taking the first set 15-8 (8 games) with five high-scoring points, before widening the gap to take the second set 15-10 in eight games. They dropped the third set 11-15 in 11 games, but took the fourth set in 13 games to seal the match with a 15-8 victory.

The Spanish trio also reached the quarterfinals side by side. In a highly anticipated rematch of the final of the previous tour (Eswai Championships), Martinez and Yusuke Mori (JPN) met in the quarterfinals, with Martinez once again turning the tables on Mori. After taking the first set 15-7 (8 games), Martinez took the second and third sets 15-3 (8 games) and 15-8 (9 games) to close out the set 3-0.토토사이트

Zapata defeated Ko Sang-woon 3-1 in straight sets, while Palazon won a close full-set match against Nguyen Duc Anh Chien (Vietnam-Haiyuan Resort) 3-2. Uhm Sang-pil recorded his best performance of the season with a 3-1 set win over “Mr. Magic” Seigner, including a high run of nine points. Mamin Gum took down Kim Young-seop 3-1, while Park Kwang-yeol and Lee Sang-yong defeated Godoyoung and Shin Dong-min (A) respectively to join him in the quarterfinals.

According to the quarterfinal bracket, which was released immediately after the round of 16, MaminGum and Palazon (2 p.m.), Martinez-Um Sangpil (4:30 p.m.), Choi Sung-won and Park Kwang-yeol (7 p.m.), and Zapata and Lee Sang-yong (9:30 p.m.) will face off on Monday to determine who will advance to the final four.






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