Congrats if you don’t get offside!…Morata plans to renew contract with ATM → until June 2027

Alvaro Morata is about to renew his contract with Atletico Madrid.

European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on his social media on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), “Morata will sign a new contract with Atlético soon. He will be with us until June 2027. I have decided to stay,” he said.

Atlético visited Korea this summer and presented a high-quality game to Korean fans. He participated in the ‘Coupang Play Series’ and had two games. The first game was against Team K League. In the first half, which focused on starting players, they showed their skills and overwhelmed Team K-League. However, in the second half, he showed a shaky appearance and was defeated 2-3.

The match against Manchester City was reminiscent of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final. Cesar Azpilicueta and Jack Grealish battled nerves and made the game hot. Like a fierce match, they exchanged attacks against each other. Man City went aggressive and Atletico blocked it well. He released Manchester City’s pressure and counterattacked, threatening Manchester City’s goal. The game was decided in the second half. In the second half, Memphis Depay and Yannick Carrasco scored goals. Ruben Dias conceded a goal but kept the lead and won 2-1.

In the ‘Coupang Play Series’, Morata performed at a high level. He neutralized the opponent’s defense by linking play back and forth with his teammates. Morata shook the net three times in the match against Team K League, but all of them were canceled due to offside. Still, he created a menacing scene and showed good attack power.

Morata stepped on the professional stage at Real Madrid after going through the Real Madrid youth. He appeared mainly as a substitute at Real Madrid, where Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo were holding on to the attack. He eventually moved to Juventus. However, the situation was not much different at Juventus. He came as a substitute a lot of the time and he couldn’t get his place right. Still, he did a great job in UCL, perhaps thanks to his experience with UCL at Real Madrid.

He returned to Real Madrid for the 2016–17 season and had a career high season scoring 15 league goals. Morata, who was still a substitute, wanted a starting position and wore a Chelsea uniform. His uniform number is 9. Chelsea fans hoped to lift the number 9 curse. There were many players at Chelsea, such as Hernan Crespo and Fernando Torres, who did not perform as well as before wearing the number 9 shirt.

Morata also couldn’t overcome the curse of Chelsea number 9 and had to leave the team. He spent time on loan at Atlético and again at Juventus, and played for Atlético last season. It was a pretty successful season. He scored 13 goals in the league without scoring a penalty. He was ranked second on the team in scoring behind Antoine Griezmann. Amidst Morata’s performance, Atlético finished the season in 3rd place in the league and solidified their three-final system in La Liga.메이저사이트

In the transfer market this summer, Morata has been linked with several teams. There were rumors of transfers to AS Roma, Inter Milan, and AC Milan, and Saudi Arabia was also interested in Morata. However, Morata chose to stay. It is known that Simeone persuaded Morata. Morata is a highly utilized resource in an attack. He is tall at 190 cm and has good speed. He is also good at linking, creating decisive opportunities for his teammates.






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