‘Debt-ridden’ Tennis Association president’s by-election called off three days ahead of time

A by-election for president of the Korean Tennis Association, which was seen as a “breakthrough” for the debt-ridden organization, was suddenly suspended three days before the vote.

The Korea Tennis Association announced on Saturday that it has temporarily suspended its presidential by-election, which was scheduled to be held on May 29, following a directive from the Korea Sports Ministry.

According to the Tennis Association, the NOC effectively “ordered” the by-election to be suspended because one candidate was disqualified from serving as an officer and the Sports Ethics Center is conducting various investigations into the Tennis Association.

The candidate in question appears to be former KTA president Joo Won-hong.

Mr. Joo is alleged to have committed illegal acts in the past during a project to remodel the tennis courts at the military academy in Gyeonggi Province.

It was pointed out that he registered as a candidate even though he was not allowed to run in the by-election due to this history.

As a result, criticisms have been raised for years that Joo was responsible for the failure of the Army Tennis Center remodeling project, which left the Tennis Association with billions of won in debt.

The NOC’s ‘cease-and-desist order’ is also believed to have been influenced by the fact that the NOC’s national audit, held on April 24, raised questions about Joo’s candidacy.

“I know it is impossible for former president Joo to appear as president again,” said Lee Ki-heung, chairman of the National Audit Committee, adding, “We have asked the Sports Ethics Center to investigate the past three presidents. We will strictly manage it as soon as the results of the investigation come out.”스포츠토토

Meanwhile, the KOC also pointed out that the Tennis Association designated the Korea Middle and High School Tennis Federation as the governing body and did not give it the right to vote and nominate candidates for the by-election.

The KTA reportedly believes that this is an act outside the authority of a sports organization.

“The NOC sent a letter requesting the suspension of the by-election on the 24th, followed by a further letter on the 26th stating that if the by-election was not suspended, the NOC would be subject to penalties,” the Tennis Association explained. “The NOC Election Committee met and decided to accept the NOC’s request.”

“After consultation with the Athletic Association, we will endeavor to hold the by-election within the year.”






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