‘Flooding in the baseball field~’ ‘Gwangju Champion becomes a sea of red water’

The KBO’s game between NC and KIA at Gwangju Kia Champions Field on Monday has been canceled due to rain.

This is the first rainout for the KBO as the organization announced the rest of the day’s schedule.

It rained heavily in the morning in the Jeonnam region of Gwangju, and although the rain lightened up in the afternoon, it started to fall so heavily that it was impossible to see from 4:00 pm.

As the heavy rain poured into the puddles of water on the large tarpaulin, the field quickly became a sea of water.

Kim Yong-hee, the tournament supervisor, had been on the ground since 2:00 to keep an eye on the weather conditions, but at 4:37, the water was too much to recover in a short time, so he decided to cancel the game.메이저사이트

The canceled matches will be rescheduled at a later date. Gwangju=Moon-young Choi /2023.08.29/






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