“If Eunji shakes, I’m in”…’3 straight losses’ roadworks reinforcements emerge, 0% miracle-maker prepares for first sortie

“Lee Yoon-jung will be ready to play as a substitute.”

Korea Expressway Corporation, coached by Kim Jong-min, will take on IBK Business Bank in the first round of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Division at Gimcheon Indoor Stadium on Monday.

The defending champions have not gotten off to a good start this season. After three games without a win, they have only one point. Last season, they lost 2-3 to last-place Pepper Savings Bank. Their opponent, IBK, is also winless, so it is expected to be a hard-fought match.

Before the game, head coach Kim Jong-min said, “We have a lot of young players coming in. It’s best for them to experience victory as soon as possible. But we are getting better little by little. I can see that. Tanacha and Vukiric are also changing formations and making various preparations,” he said.

Field Marshal Lee Yoon-jung, who was the team’s winning setter last season, will start the match as a substitute. Lee hasn’t played this season after suffering a knee injury just before the start of the season.온라인카지노

Coach Kim Jong-min said, “I’m preparing to go in if Eunji is shaky. I need to find my gut feeling. I’m preparing as a substitute.”

The lineup was the same as the previous game. Moon Jung-won will start the game on the bench. Tanacha Sooksot (registered name Tanacha), Vanya Vukiric (registered name Vukiric), and Jeon Sae-yan will be responsible for the left and right attacks.

“Moon Jung-won hasn’t been able to find his attacking and blocking touch since he went to the international tournament. She needs a little more time,” Kim said.

As for Kim Se-bin, the No. 1 overall middle blocker, “He has good height and fundamentals. However, it will take time for her to adjust to the strong and fast volleyball of the V-League. She hasn’t even graduated from high school yet, and I’m looking forward to her future. We will help him grow well.”






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