K League 2 Gimpo qualifies for promotion PO with premise of ‘10,000 seat expansion’

Professional soccer’s K League 2 (second division) Gimpo FC will be able to challenge for promotion after expanding its stadium.

The Korea Professional Football Association held its seventh board meeting for 2023 at the Jongno Football Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on April 25 and decided to recognize Gimpo FC’s eligibility for the promotion playoffs.

However, there is a condition that Gimpo FC’s home stadium, Solter Football Stadium, which currently seats about 5,000, must be expanded to more than 10,000 seats, the minimum standard for K League 1 according to the K League Playing Regulations, by April next year.

The federation said that after reviewing the grandstand expansion plan submitted by Gimpo City to the federation, it determined that the team can enter the relegation playoffs and be promoted on the condition that the expansion work is completed by April next year to meet the K League 1 stadium seating requirements.

The schedule for the 2023 season’s promotion playoffs has also been finalized.

The ‘Hana OneQ K League Promotion Playoffs 2023’ will be held as a head-to-head match between the 11th-ranked team in K League 1 and the second-ranked team in K League 2 (Promotion PO1) and the 10th-ranked team in K League 1 and the winner of the K League 2 playoffs (Promotion PO2).

The first leg of both the Promotion PO1 and Promotion PO2 will be held on Wednesday, December 6, at the home stadium of a K League 2 team and the second leg on Saturday, December 9, at the home stadium of a K League 1 team. Kickoff times will be confirmed at a later date.

Foreign players can be registered on the roster and play up to three nationality officials and one Asian quota. In extra time, the number of substitutions will be increased by one and the number of substitutions will be increased by one.

The federation also decided to create a new regulation that prohibits home teams from overcrowding fans supporting the away team in a small area or placing away supporters in areas with poor viewing, even if there are seats available, and prohibits away supporters from charging higher prices than other seats with the same conditions.토스카지노 주소

Kim Jung-bae, vice president of the Korea Football Association, was elected as the federation’s newest board member. It was also decided to reduce the maximum number of players over the age of 23 who can be loaned to foreign clubs from eight to seven and from July 2024 to six, in line with FIFA regulations.

The new regulations allow clubs to decide to close away stands at away matches if there is violent behavior by away supporters, such as disturbances or throwing of foreign objects, and stipulate that clubs and players will be subject to disciplinary action if they fail to fulfill education, interviews, and pledges to prevent cheating.

The qualifications for club-affiliated medical trainers include a certificate as a health and exercise manager and at least one year of work experience after graduating from a sports medicine-related undergraduate program.






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