Kim gives up libero jersey to OH…”I’d rather learn than be proud”

Hyundai E&C women’s professional volleyball libero Kim Yeon-yeon (30-164 centimeters) shared her thoughts on returning to the national team.토토사이트

Kim will compete in the 2023 Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship in Nakhon Ratchasama, Thailand, from May 30 to June 6, wearing the Korean flag. Kim has been training for the tournament at the Jincheon Athletic Center in Chungcheongbuk-do since June 6.

Moon Jung-won (Korea Expressway Corporation) and Shin Yeon-kyung (IBK) donned libero uniforms at the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2023 in June. Kim has been sidelined since suffering an ankle injury at the end of the 2022-2023 season.

Kim’s face was full of excitement as she returned to the national team after a long absence. “I’m feeling much better now,” she said in an interview before the open training session at the athletes’ village on Sunday. I’m trying to maximize my physical condition,” he said, adding, “I was in the national team last year and I’m preparing again this time, and I’m excited and burdened because there is a big competition, but I’m trying to prepare well.”

As it is an international tournament, defense is very important. “There are a lot of strong players, so there is a lot of pressure,” Kim said, but she gritted her teeth and said, “I will do my best because I have to receive and connect, and the players can attack.”

What does coach Cesar Hernandez ask of her? “He tells the libero to touch the ball more,” Kim said, explaining that he wants her to defend with more range.

Kim did not play in the VNL because she was not in full physical condition. Still, it must have hurt her pride to have to give her libero jersey to outside hitter Moon Jung-won.

“It wasn’t a matter of pride, but rather that I wasn’t in shape at the time,” Kim said, adding, “I thought I should learn from (Moon) Jung-won because she’s so good at receiving.” “We’re still training together and learning a lot,” she added.

In the VNL without Kim, the team suffered an embarrassing 12-game losing streak. “They changed a lot of players, so they needed time to prepare, and I think they were under a lot of pressure,” said Kim, who watched the tournament. “I saw them preparing hard, and I thought, ‘If I come in, I want to be more helpful,’” she said.

Last season, Kim played in 28 matches (103 sets), leading the team in digs (5.65 per set) and ranking fourth in total defense (7.50 per set). Now that she’s wearing the Taeguk mark again, it will be interesting to see if Kim can lead the team’s rebound at the Asian Championships.






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