Kim Min-jae returns to rehabilitate reputation after retirement speculation

‘Monster defender’ Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) will return to the national team after a controversial retirement.

Klinsmann’s men’s soccer team will take on Wales at Cardiff City Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on Aug. 8 at 3:45 a.m. ET.

The team will be looking for its first win under Klinsmann against European perennials Wales. Klinsmann took over the reins of the national team in February and coached them in four A matches in March and June, but left with a dismal record of two draws and two losses.

In order to record their first win away from home in Wales, the team will need a steady defense, and key defender Kim Min-jae will be crucial.

Kim caused a stir in March when he hinted at retiring from the national team after playing two A matches in Korea.

“I’m just having a hard time right now and I’m mentally broken,” he told reporters, “I’m not going to focus on the national team for the time being.” He hinted at his intention to retire from the national team.

The shocking comments from the 27-year-old turned the national team upside down. Coach Klinsmann flew to Napoli, where Kim was playing at the time, to meet with him, and his retirement announcement turned out to be a joke.

After missing the June A match due to basic military training, Kim was called back by Klinsmann to wear the Korean flag.

The Wales match will be a chance for Kim to restore his honor.

The national team failed to secure victories against Colombia and Uruguay in March’s A matches, conceding two goals. While not a one-man defense, Kim bears some of the blame for the collapse of the national team’s defense.

Since the March A match, Kim has grown up a bit. He led Napoli to their first Italian Serie A title in 33 years, and in the summer transfer window, he moved to German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.토토사이트

He made his first full-time appearance since joining the Bavarians in the summer, showing that he is fully fit. If Kim Min-jae can keep the Welsh attack at bay at the back, Klinsmann’s chances of a first win will be even better.






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