Korea-Japan Football ‘Hot Friendship’… Seoul Eland x Kashima U-12 Youth Team Exchange Match Concludes

Seoul Eland FC and Kashima Antlers youth players share a warm friendship.

On the 29th of last month, Seoul Eland U-12 players and U-12 players from the Kashima Antlers of the Japanese J-League played a Korea-Japan exchange match. The exchange game was organized to improve the skills and competitiveness of the U-12 players and provide them with a valuable opportunity to gain international experience through matches against overseas teams.

Seoul Eland visited the Kashima Antlers in January to discuss the exchange, which resulted in a meaningful match in Korea and a commitment for Seoul Eland U-12 players to compete in the Kashima Nike Cup in October.

After exchanging wins at Cheongpyeong Living Sports Park with one win and one loss each, the U-12 players from both teams developed a strong friendship beyond soccer. On March 30, they watched the Seoul Eland and Jeonnam Dragons K League 2 match at Mokdong Sports Complex. With the help of escort kids and enthusiastic cheering, they became victory fairies, and on the 31st, they visited Sungnyemun and Namdaemun Market together and shared food.

Park Hoon, head coach of Seoul Eland’s youth team, said, “Although it was a short time, the kids got to know each other quickly and were sad to see each other go, so I think it was a good idea to organize this exchange game. We are grateful to the Kashima Antlers for the soccer and emotional exchange,” said Park.토토사이트

“We are excited to meet again in Kashima in October. We have a lot to learn from the Kashima Antlers in terms of soccer skills, and I hope we can grow together through regular meetings in the future.”






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