“KS Game 1 Pitcher’s Ball Safety.” ‘Special Training Methods from a Former SK Dynasty No. 4 Hitter’ in front of a batting ball.

On the 19th, the LG Twins held their first training camp in preparation for the Korean Series. Due to rain, all training sessions were held in a large indoor practice field.

Even the batting practice was held indoors, but there was a scene that stood out a bit. When the players were batting, the distance between where they threw the batting ball and home was very close. When you throw the ball so close, it inevitably gets to the batter quickly. The batters have to be ready to hit as fast as possible and release the bat at the right time.

LG’s hitting coach Lee Ho-joon prepared for this. Lee, who was part of the SK Wyverns’ dynasty and also played in the Korean Series with the NC Dinos, said, “When I batted first in the first game of the Korean Series, I couldn’t see the ball.” “Pitchers are throwing pitches that they don’t throw in the regular season,” he said. “The ball disappears in front of you, and when it looks like it’s a ground ball, it’s often in the strike zone. In the previous Korean Series with Samsung, Chow-chan’s ball was clearly a one-bound slap ball, but it was a strike. It can be hard to adjust to fastballs until Game 2, not Game 1,” he said of his Korean Series experience.토스카지노

That’s why the team plans to continue training hitters to see fastballs during the Korean Series. “The hitters practice seeing the 150-kilometer ball from the pitching machine every day to get used to it,” said LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop. “Since all but one game of the Korean Series will be played at night, we’ve been practicing hitting fastballs during night training to help the hitters cope with the fastballs.” “We have people who can throw fastballs, and we’re trying to get them to throw them a little bit earlier so that the hitters can react quickly. It’s really hard to hit because the pitchers are throwing with all their strength that they didn’t have in the Korean Series.”

Hitting coach Lee Ho-joon chats with Kim Hyun-soo in a cheerful mood.

Lee said that the hitters needed time to get their senses back, so he wanted the starting pitchers to do a better job. “I asked pitching coach Kim Kyung-tae. I want the starters to keep the game scoreless until the third inning. The hitters need time to see the ball and get used to it.”

LG is scheduled to start the first game of the Korean Series on the 23rd, starting with the first Blue-Black game, with about six practice games to get a feel for the game. The team balances a tight training schedule with plenty of rest with a two-day training schedule and one day off.

We’ll see how LG’s training method pays off in the Korean Series, and whether the bats of the No. 1 batting team will be on fire from Game 1.






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