Lee “I want to prove in the remaining matches that today’s attack was not a fluke”

Lee Han-bi’s performance is a big boost for the Korean National Team.

Lee came off the bench to score 15 points (14 attack, 1 serve) against Germany in the third match of Group C of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Final Qualification on Sept. 19 at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland. This was the second-highest total on the team after Kang So-hwi (18 points), who started.

Lee came off the bench at 10-19 in the first set and came up with a big hit. After coming off the bench in the second set 16-18, Lee started the third set and turned the tide of the match.

Lee scored eight points for Altoran in the third set to help them win the set. She energized the team with her strong offense as well as her reception and digs. With back-to-back kills to take the lead early in the set, Lee scored the decisive point at 23-23 to send the team to set point.

Lee’s five points in the fourth set were impressive, especially the one in the middle of the set at 17-19, and the one that pulled the team back at 20-19. When her opponent tied the score with a Stigot kill, Lee regrouped to take a 21-20 lead, which would go on to win the set.

“I’m not in bad shape,” Lee smiled after the match, “I didn’t go to the VNL (Volleyball Nations League) together, and I joined the national team in the middle of the season, so it was my first time coordinating with the setters. It was difficult, but they kept asking me about the ball, so I was able to coordinate. We kept signing and communicating during the game, so it worked out well.” For attacker Lee Han-bi, it was crucial to work with the setter.

Lee’s hard hitting is rumored in the domestic league. The defenders who receive it say it hurts their arms. They say it feels like receiving a ball from a foreign player. “I don’t really know, because I’m not the one being hit, but I want to prove in the rest of the games that what happened today wasn’t a fluke,” Lee said.

Lee Han-bi is always mentally prepared when he joins the national team. “I think it’s an honor to be on the national team, so I try to work harder. You can learn a lot from tough situations, and it’s important to be ready to learn and move forward. We’re still a little short in terms of results, but I’m going to work as hard as I can. I believe that if I do everything I can, the results will follow.”

Lee tries to add finesse to his exceptional strength: “Coach Cesar also emphasizes looking at the high blocker’s fingertips and hitting them, or blocking as low as possible. I’m working hard and trusting my teammates to cover,” he smiles.

His serve is also getting stronger. “At first, my serve didn’t feel right, but it’s getting better. I’m trying to hit it strongly and confidently without making any mistakes,” Lee said.안전놀이터

After three games, South Korea will be looking to raise their game in the remaining four matches. Lee Han-bi’s role will be crucial.

“Regardless of the atmosphere on the court, when I come in, I try to fight harder and give myself a boost,” Lee said. His determination is guiding the team to greater heights.






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