‘Lose, win, lose, win, win, win, win!’ KU soccer defeats Yonsei, 3-0

‘Lose, win, lose, win’ soccer team completes regular season sweep for Korea University (KU).

KU won the regular season soccer match against Yonsei University 3-0 at Goyang Sports Complex starting at 2 p.m. on Sept. 9. In addition to clinching the overall regular season title, KU’s soccer team also ended a streak of losing regular season soccer matches dating back to 2017.메이저사이트

Head coach Shin Yeon-ho (Chekyo 83) brought out the 4-3-3 formation again today. Lee Ji-ho, Kim Ki-hyun, and Kim Chae-woong (both Chekyo 21), who played well together in the Chuseok University Football League in August, lined up as a trio to take aim at Yonsei’s goal. The center back duo of Kwon Yong-seung (KE22) and Bang Woo-jin (KE21) were on the field, while goalkeeper Hwang Jae-yoon (KE22) protected the KU goal.

The first half began with a tense atmosphere, with the overall score at 2-2, thanks to losses in baseball and ice hockey and wins in basketball and rugby. KU attacked Yonsei’s flank with right fullback Kang Min-jun actively participating in the offense. In the eighth minute of the first half, Kang Min-jun (Chegyo 22) sent a cross from a high position to Kim Ki-hyun, but his touch was long and the chance was canceled. KU continued to target Yonsei’s flanks left and right. In the 15th minute, Shin Seung-min (Chegyo 22) sent a cross to Kim Chae-woong, but the goalkeeper Choi Kang-seo (Yonsei 23) was able to catch it and the chance was nullified. The game continued with KU’s one-sided attacking flow.

KU continued to create chances by advancing to the inside of Yonsei’s penalty box. In the 21st minute, a cross from Shin Seung-min connected to Kang Min-joon, who appeared to be fouled in a contest with an opposing defender while catching the ball, but the game went on. Lee Ji-ho and Kim Chae-woong continued to penetrate Yonsei’s flanks, but they lacked the finishing touch. In the 28th minute, Cheon Se-yoon (Chegyo 21) stripped two Yonsei defenders in the middle of the field and attempted a mid-range shot, but it hit the goal post.

In the 31st minute, Shin Seung-min’s cross was not accurately cleared by the opposing defender and found Kim Chae-woong, who attempted a turning shot that went just wide to the right of the goal. In the 35th minute, Chun Se-yoon made a brilliant through ball after breaking free on the dribble. Kim Chae-woong received the ball in the box and had a chance to shoot, but a Yonsei defender pulled it away. At the referee’s discretion, it could be considered a foul inside the box, but the game continued. In the 38th minute, after a corner kick by Korea University, Jang Hyun-do (Yonsei 22) blocked the ball flowing into Yonsei’s goal with his hand in a chaotic situation, and a handball foul was called. This resulted in a direct ejection for Jang Hyun-do and a penalty kick for Korea University. On the ensuing penalty kick, Lee Ji-ho calmly slid the ball into the center to score the first goal. With the goal, the stadium heated up and the first half ended 1-0.

Despite being in the lead with one of their opponents sent off, KU showed their determination to score more goals by introducing signature striker Sung Jin-young (Chekyo 22) at the start of the second half. In the fourth minute, Lee Ji-ho received the ball inside the penalty box and cut back to Sung Jin-young, who had the perfect opportunity to fire a shot, but it was caught in the legs of goalkeeper Choi Kang-seo and went out of the goal. The first half continued in a similar fashion, with Lee Ji-ho and Kang Min-jun shaking up the Yonsei flanks. In the ninth minute of the second half, Shin Seung-min’s long corner kick was headed back into the box by Lee Ji-ho, and Kwon Yong-seung connected with a header that went wide to the right of the goal.

After the introduction of Sung Jin-young, KU was aggressive in the box and tried to score more goals. In the 16th minute of the second half, Lee Ji-ho succeeded in pressing from a high position and connected with Sung Jin-young inside the penalty box, but the chance was blocked by the opposing defense. KU brought on Yoo Kyung-min (Chegyo 21) to block Yonsei’s attacks from a high position. In the 19th minute of the second half, a cross from Kang Min-jun, who moved to the left side, was sensibly finished by Sung Jin-young, but it went just wide of the goal.

Yonsei began to operate more aggressively to make up for the goal, and KU’s possession and KU’s fast attack continued. In the 31st minute, during a KU counterattack, substitute Ahn Hyuk-joo (Chekyo 23) had the most perfect one-on-one opportunity of the match. He was one-on-one with the keeper, but his shot was blocked by goalkeeper Choi Kang-seo. In the 38th minute of the second half, Jang Jae-hyuk (Yonsei 20) broke through from the right side and cut back, connecting with Jang Hyun-bin (Yonsei 23), who tried to shoot, but Bang Woo-jin saved the day. It was a threatening chance for Yonsei that came out of nowhere. In the 40th minute, Kim Ji-ho (Chekyo 22) tried to shoot from a one-on-one chance, and Ahn Hyuk-joo pushed the ball in front of the goal after the goalkeeper made a good save. With no defenders in the way, Yoo Kyung-min slid the ball into the back of the net for KU’s second goal. KU was not satisfied with the two-point lead. In the fourth minute of the second overtime, Ahn Hyuk-joo’s solo breakthrough led to a pass to Yoo Kyung-min, who beat the goalkeeper and slid the ball into the empty net for KU’s third goal. The game ended with an overwhelming score of 3-0.

KU’s three consecutive wins in basketball, rugby, and soccer helped the team overturn a two-game deficit in the overall competition. With the overall score at 2-2, KU’s soccer team won the trophy. The KU soccer team, which won the overall title, plans to continue its momentum in the remaining U-League matches.

Meanwhile, STN, the broadcaster of the 2023 regular season, will broadcast major sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby, and ice hockey live on TV (Genie TV No. 131, LG U+ No. 125, and Deliver Live No. 236) and Naver Sports from August 8 to 9.






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