‘Man City Cross → Liverpool Score’ Firmino Saudi League opening hat-trick… Al Ahly, 3-1 win over Al Hazem

The Saudi Professional League, filled with European stars, took off its veil.

Al-Ahli defeated Al Hazem 3-1 in the first round of the 2023-24 season Saudi Professional League held at the Prince Abdullah Al-Faishal Stadium in Saudi Arabia on the 12th (Korean time).

Al-Ahli came out with a splendid starting lineup this summer, befitting a team that attracted stars from Europe. The goalkeeper gloves were worn by Edouard Mendy from Chelsea. In the defensive line, AS Roma’s Hozer Ibanez took center stage. In the midfield, there was Frank Kesier from FC Barcelona, ​​and on both sides were Alan Saint-Maximin from Newcastle and Riyad Mahrez from Manchester City. Up front was Roberto Firmino from Liverpool.

Firmino scored the opening goal with a sensational header in the 6th minute of the first half. He added an extra goal four minutes later. It was a joint goal made by three players from the Premier League. Saint-Maximin drove the ball forward and passed a pass to Mahrez on the wide side. Mahrez assisted Firmino’s second goal with a sharp cross.

Al Hazem’s comeback goal came in the 5th minute of the second half. Coincidentally, it originated from Mendy’s mistake. Mendy’s ground ball attempt from the last line went to Al Hazem’s Biña, and Binya scored a comeback goal with a sensational chip shot.

But again Firmino shone. He scored his third goal of the day in the 27th minute, completing his hat-trick. Firmino received Saint-Maximin’s cross and attempted a header, but when the ball hit the goalkeeper, Firmino split the net with another shot. Al Ahli won 3-1 thanks to the great performance of players from the European leagues.스포츠토토

The Saudi league attracted a large number of European stars this summer with huge ‘oil money’. Thanks to this, the opening match received worldwide attention. And the players from the European leagues still showed off their class.






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