Mbappe knows the value of Mbappe… just like jordan

The movie <Air> (2023) directed by Ben Affleck is a work about the secret story of the birth of the sneaker brand ‘Air Jordan’. In 1984, Michael Jordan, a rookie (newcomer) who had just entered the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the third pick in the draft, had yet to prove anything on the professional stage, and Nike was the third-ranked underdog in the industry behind Adidas and Converse. ) was Roughly shortened, this story is “the story of underdog Nike’s successful bet on rookie Jordan.” It’s a speculative summary, but the lines of Jordan’s mother Dolores Jordan in the second half resonate deeply (spoiler alert).

Dolores makes her sudden offer just before closing her deal with Nike. That his son will take a portion of the proceeds from Air Jordan shoes sold around the world as royalties. Like an unprecedented request, the basis for it was also unprecedented. I know my son, and Jordan knows his worth. Jordan will score 40 points each night and sweep Rookie of the Year, All-Star, Defensive Player of the Year, Top Scorer, Most Valuable Player and Champions League titles. Jordan will not benefit from the NBA, the NBA will benefit from Jordan. If so, he should be properly compensated.

Jordan’s worth was known only to him and his mother.

Dolores puts out a claim that sounds like the intimidation of a zealot beyond the reach, and we, who already know the result, are persuaded in a strange shudder. At the end of Dolores’ words, I have no choice but to say this. At the time, only Jordan himself and his mother understood Jordan’s value.

In July 2023, Al-Hilal, a professional football club in Saudi Arabia, offered 1 billion euros (approximately 1.4 trillion won) to Paris Saint-Germain in the name of signing Kylian Mbafe (24), and shortly thereafter, through an ‘inside source’, um When reports surfaced that Bape had turned down the Saudi offer without hesitation, I couldn’t help but think of this movie. It is not known how Mbappe reacted to this, but I would venture to guess that he felt insulted. At least right now, this deal doesn’t match your values ​​and payoff.

Mbappe is the chosen boy. Born in 1999 in Bondy, a small town outside of Paris, as the son of a Cameroonian father, Wilfrid Mbappe, and an Algerian mother, Faiza Lamari. At the age of 16, he broke the record for AS Monaco’s youngest first-team debut and played his first match in the French Ligue 1 (1st division), and led the team to the top of the league championship for 17 years the following season. At the age of 18, he wore the uniform of the French national team to the 2018 World Cup in Russia and gave his country its first trophy in 20 years. The World Cup Rookie of the Year Award was a modest reward to celebrate the birth of a great player.

Before the World Cup, it was Paris and Qatar that embraced the talent of the century one step ahead. In the summer of 2017, Paris, which acquired huge oil money after being acquired by the Qatar Investment Authority in 2011, recruited Mbafe at the second most expensive price in football history (about 200 billion won). Paris wanted to tie up a star loved by all French people to their city, and Qatar wanted to be recognized as their country’s soft power after developing the club into a representative European football brand through Mbappe. With the full agreement of the two desires, the Paris project seemed to be on the rise, but in reality it was a half-success.

Deal accepted by Paris and rejected by Mbappe

The problem was football. Paris tasted a devastating failure every year in the UEFA Champions League, which was a long-cherished business. Round of 16, round of 16, surprise runner-up and semi-final, round of 16 again, round of 16… . The management strategy, which put superstar marketing at the forefront, rather harmed the balance on the pitch and held back the performance, and the blueprint of Paris lost trust from the inside amid repeated frustrations. Lionel Messi left for the United States, and Mbappe also rejected the contract extension option signed just a year ago and expressed his determination to transfer. Paris was furious. Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, said:

“If Mbappe wants to stay, we want him to stay too. Instead, he has to sign a new contract. We can’t lose the best player in the world for free. There can be no such thing.”

Paris excluded Mbappe from pre-season first-team training, and pressured him to sit on the bench after the start of the season (although this is unlikely to happen). It was at this point that the Saudi proposal arrived. According to the price list presented on July 24 by Al-Hilal, which has Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund as its major shareholder, Paris can collect 300 million euros (approximately 430 billion won) in transfer fees, and Mbappe is a free agent, real Madrid. You can earn 700 million euros (about 1 trillion won) in annual salary while playing the Saudi league for just one year before going to (Spain).

Paris approved the deal, but it was a deal that Mbappe had no reason to sit at the negotiating table. The Saudis’ offer, so to speak, is to spend astronomical sums to buy the right to act as a stepping stone before moving to a better league in Europe, which is essentially demonstrating to the world that their league is inescapable of ‘fakes’. . If you head to Saudi Arabia, it may have taken the point that you can’t play the Champions League, but the way Saudis set the value of players in the first place was different from Mbafe’s way, and in retrospect, Paris (Qatar) was the same.

Looking at the face after losing the World Cup final

It is unknown how the ‘Mbape Saga (Saga · Legendary Story)’ will end in the summer of 2023. Perhaps, without Mbappe, Paris, which has reinforced young blood such as Lee Kang-in, Marco Asensio, and Manuel Ugarte, can work in the Champions League, and later, Mbappe himself thinks ‘this is enough’ and reaches out to the Saudi league first. may go However, in December 2022, if you recall Mbappe’s face caught on a relay camera immediately after losing the Qatar World Cup final penalty shootout, his dry eyes and tightly closed lips intently staring into the sky, you can’t help but bet on the other side.메이저사이트

On the day of his second World Cup final loss, Mbappe tweeted briefly. “We will come back again” (Nous reviendrons), brooding over his tweet, hoping to be able to say this one day. At that time, he was the only one who accurately understood the value of Mbappe .






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