‘Referee judgment complaint’ Pedi’s outburst→NC Kangwon jumps out, KT’s Lee Kang-chul strongly protests

An ‘incident’ occurred.

In the bottom of the fifth inning of Game 1 of the 2023 KBO Playoffs at Katie Weeds Park in Suwon, South Korea, NC starter Pedi faced KT’s Moon Sang-chul with the bases loaded.

With a full count, Pedi’s seven-pitch curveball was hit over the top. On the replay, it was right on the corner and could have been called a strike. However, umpire Lee Min-ho called it a ball. Moon Sang-chul singled and went to third base.

Pedi, who was sure it was a strike, lost his cool and became enraged. He yelled at the umpire. Umpire Lee Min-ho also approached Pedi. If he made a mistake, Pedi could collide with the umpire and be sent off.

NC coach Kang Myung-hwa, who was in the dugout, rushed out to stop the umpire. Soon after, NC pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung came to the mound with an interpreter to calm Pedi down.굿모닝토토

This time, KT head coach Lee Kang-cheol came out onto the field and strongly protested the umpire. He asked why the pitcher wasn’t replaced after the coaching staff came out twice. According to the KBO’s official rulebook, “If a manager or coach comes to the mound twice for the same pitcher, the pitcher must be replaced.

However, the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) said, “According to umpire Lee Min-ho’s judgment, the game was hastened without a pitching change because he believed that coach Kang Myung-ho came to him rather than visiting the mound.”

In the fast-tracked inning, Pedi pitched a no-hitter, allowing just one run in the sixth inning.






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