‘Rising Star’ Park Seong-jin’s ambition: “The Cup is the start of making myself known”

For Samsung Fire men’s professional volleyball player Park Sung-jin, the 2023 Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) Cup means a lot. “It’s the beginning of me becoming known,” she said.

Park was born in 2000 and is a 190-centimeter outside hitter. He was drafted by Samsung Fire with the fourth pick in the second round of the 2022 Korean Rookie Draft. In the 2022-23 regular season, he played in 15 games and 31 sets out of 36 total games, scoring 17 points. Reflecting on his first professional season, Park said, “I didn’t show what I did in practice. I was nervous and didn’t feel confident. This time, I’m going to show everything I have,” he said, showing his determination.

In August 2023, Park made a name for himself as a rising star. In the Cup, Park was the ace of Samsung Fire. Playing as an outside hitter, Park scored 106 points in five matches and 20 sets. In the final against OK Financial Group, he scored a lone 30-point game, but the team had to settle for the runner-up spot. He started all five games and had an offensive share of over 25%, and his attack success rate was over 50% except against the Panasonic Panthers (36.36%).

Even during his time at Myungji, Park’s destructive offense was noticed. Coach Kim Sang-woo even said, “He is a player who cannot be stopped once he is on fire.”

“I practiced my serve a lot before the Cup, and I think it went in strong. It was my first time doing an apogee attack. It was hard, but the more I practiced, the more comfortable I felt. I gained a lot of confidence,” he said with a bright smile.

“In the last V-League, when I attacked, I just tried to put it inside the court. In the Cup, I tried to focus on pushing and slapping attacks, and even if I made a mistake, I tried to make a lot of attempts, which resulted in a lot of points.”

The team also realized the interest of fans after the Cup. “Even in the Cup, I realized that the number of fans was increasing after each game. I saw more and more jerseys and placards supporting me,” he said.

After the tournament, Park continues to train as an outside hitter as well as an opposite hitter. “I want to be the No. 1 substitute no matter where I come in as a substitute,” he said, adding, “I think a foreigner will take the spot first. I showed good form in the cup tournament, so I want to show the same in the league,” he said cautiously.스포츠토토

In addition, Park Sung-jin said, “The cup competition is the beginning to make myself known. The league is a long-term race, so I will prepare well for the physical part and seize the opportunity.” “There are also Samsung Fire’s colorful achievements hanging in the gym. Our team has a long way to go. I believe that if we work hard, the opportunity will come,” he said, calling for the revival of a traditional volleyball masterpiece.

Park Sung-jin, a second-year pro, has begun to take wings.






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