Shock: Kidnapped Liverpool FW father dragged away by ‘Colombian rebels’…in rare hostage situation

The kidnapping of Liverpool striker Luis Diaz’s father has rocked his native Colombia, with a shock announcement that he was taken by a Colombian rebel group, not just a criminal or criminal organization.

“The Colombian government has announced that Díaz’s father has been kidnapped by left-wing rebels from the National Liberation Army (ELN),” the BBC reported on Wednesday.

“Díaz’s father, Luis Manuel Díaz, and his mother, Silenis Marulanda, have been kidnapped from a gas station in Colombia,” The Sun reported on April 29.

According to the media, the Díaz parents were kidnapped by two armed men at a gas station in Barrancas, La Guajira, Colombia.

The Díaz parents had stopped at the gas station earlier in the day as they drove about 600 kilometers in a van they owned to Los Olivos, a city in central Colombia.

“Reports indicate that gunshots were exchanged,” The Sun reported, suggesting that a shootout may have occurred. Upon receiving the news of the kidnapping, police in Colombia are reportedly searching for the two men through a “padlock plan” that seals off the area. The mother, Marulanda, has since been found in good condition, but the father, Manuel, remains unaccounted for.

At one point, it was reported that the father had been released, but this turned out to be untrue.

Colombia believes that the parents of its soccer star have been kidnapped and has mobilized its military in a search and rescue operation that has been unsuccessful.

Initially, Colombian police said it was likely the work of a criminal organization, but now they’ve changed their tune, saying it was likely the ELN. The government and rebels have been in a six-month ceasefire since August 3.

“The capture of Diaz’s father, a popular Colombian soccer player, has sparked widespread anger in the country,” the BBC reports, “and hundreds of people joined his mother, Marulanda, in a march in the capital, Bogotá, last month to demand his release.” 무지개토토

On social media, Díaz posted an invitation to a candlelight vigil for her father’s release. He posted a photo of the candlelight vigil with the time and location.

Liverpool players are also showing their support. After scoring the opening goal against Nottingham Forest in the 10th round of the 2023/24 Premier League on March 29, Liverpool forward Diogo Jota held up a Dias jersey as a gesture of support for his teammate.

But the kidnapping, which is now being blamed on rebels, has put Diaz’s father at the center of a horrific hostage crisis. Colombian authorities believe there is a good chance that Díaz’s father was taken across the border into neighboring Venezuela. In other words, he was taken beyond the reach of Colombian authorities.






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