Tottenham to earn 2030 billion, Munich with championship ‘guarantee check’…will it go down in history as a win-win?

Will Tottenham and Munich go down in history as a win-win deal?

Harry Kane is finally a Bayern Munich player. After a summer of transfer speculation, Kane has officially signed his contract with the Bavarians. His contract is for four years and he will wear the number 9 shirt. Instead of the number 10 he wore at Tottenham, Kane will wear the number 9, which was left behind by Robert Lewandowski when he left the club. He wore the number 9 for the England national team, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

It was a long, long race between Tottenham and Munich. Munich wanted Kane since last year. With one year left on his Tottenham contract, they went all out to get him this summer. They also used their brains. They didn’t start out with a very high asking price, knowing that if Kane didn’t sign an extension with Spurs, they could lose him for nothing when he becomes a free agent next year.

But Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy was also strong. He rejected every offer up to Munich’s third, even though owner Joe Louis said he couldn’t see them losing Kane for free and had been instructed to sell if they couldn’t get him to sign an extension. It was a matter of pride for the world’s best striker to fall below the £100m minimum.

A subtle tug of war. Kane had no intention of staying at Tottenham. Spurs needed to sell him, while Champions League contenders Munich needed a quality striker to fill the void left by Lewandowski. So the negotiations didn’t collapse entirely.

Instead, the two sides slowly closed the gap. According to local media in England, Tottenham didn’t underbid. The guaranteed transfer fee was reportedly 100 million euros, and with options such as performance, Spurs could make a total of 120 million pounds (about 2030 billion won). Kane is in the prime of his career, so it’s unlikely that Tottenham would lose much money on options. Let’s assume they really are losing Kane for free next year. You’d want more, but at this price, Tottenham did the right thing.

Munich didn’t make a bad choice either. A proven striker who is unrivaled when it comes to scoring goals. Even if the league changed, there’s no way he’d be any less influential. In fact, you can expect him to score even more goals in the Bundesliga, which is often considered a lower level than the Premier League.메이저사이트

For a player of Kane’s caliber, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a transfer fee in excess of £100 million. Although we ended up paying more than our initial target, we don’t think it was an unreasonable investment. All you need is to lift trophies with Kane.






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