‘Unstoppable’ Japan, Sweden, France… Points to watch in the quarterfinals of the Women’s World Cup

There was no change. With Europe’s ‘powerful’ calming the African blast, ‘championship candidate’ Japan, ‘host country’ Australia, and ‘dark horse’ Colombia will enter the 2023 International Football Federation (FIFA) Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup quarterfinal race.안전놀이터

On the 11th (Korean time), Spain-Netherlands and Japan-Sweden clash, and on the 12th, Australia-France and England-Colombia face each other to decide who advances to the semifinals. Five European countries, two Asian countries, and one South American country were named.

The team to keep an eye on is Japan (ranked 11th in the FIFA rankings). Japan, the only country in the quarterfinals to win the championship (2011), showed off its overwhelming skills by winning 3 games without conceding a goal in the group stage, then won 4 consecutive victories against Norway (12th) in the round of 16 (3-1). are running In particular, the firepower led by Hinata Miyazawa (5 goals, Mainavi Sendai) is scary enough to score the most goals (14 goals) through the group stage and round of 16. Despite the disadvantage of being physically weaker than European and African players, he quickly emerged as a ‘championship candidate’ with solid defense and efficient offense.

The momentum of Sweden (third place), which Japan will face, is also fierce. After defeating Italy 5-0 in the group stage, in the round of 16, they defeated the United States, which was ranked No. 1 in the FIFA rankings and was aiming for the first three women’s World Cup titles in history, in a penalty shoot-out. Sweden is also a strong team with a total of 9 goals by winning all 3 matches in the group stage. The quarterfinal match between Japan and Sweden is considered the final.

England (4th), France (5th), and the Netherlands (9th) each advanced to the quarterfinals, beating African countries such as Nigeria, Morocco and South Africa. In particular, France was shaken by a draw (0-0) against Jamaica in its first group stage match, but won (2-1) against Brazil, a South American powerhouse. The quarterfinal match between Australia and France, which has built up the pride of the host country, is also a must-see. Australia defeated Denmark in the round of 16 thanks to the unilateral support of 76,000 spectators. Colombia, the only South American country to reach the quarterfinals, cannot be ignored. In the group stage, Germany (2-1 win), the world’s second place, helped to pack up, and then sank Jamaica in the round of 16.

The competition for the Golden Boot (top scorer) has also heated up. Currently, Japan’s Miyazawa is the sole leader with 5 goals, while Netherlands’ Gilles Lorte (Manchester City) and France’s Cadiatu Diani (Paris Saint-Germain) are ranked 2nd with 4 goals each. Germany’s Alexandra Pope (Wolfsburg) also scored four goals, but was eliminated and was pushed out of the competition. They were followed by England’s Lauren James (Chelsea), France’s Eugenie Le Somer (Lyon), Sweden’s Amanda Illestedt (Arsenal), Australia’s Hayley Lasso (Real Madrid), Spain’s Henifer Hermoso (Pachuca) and Aitana. Seven players, including Bonmati (Barcelona) and Alba Redondo (Levante), are chasing after scoring three goals each.






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