What about matchups with Ha Yun-ki and Yang Hong-seok, who are returning from injury?

Ha Yoon-ki is back after suffering an ankle injury. He could be matched up with his teammate from last season, Yang Hong-seok, in the season opener.

Ha suffered a minor ankle injury at the Hangzhou Asian Games. He did not play in the KBL Cup immediately after the Asian Games.

In preparation for the matchup with Changwon LG, Ha Yun-ki returned to the court at Changwon Gymnasium on the 20th.

“I’ve been back for about a week because I’ve been rehabbing my ankle. I couldn’t train much. It’s been about four or five days,” he said, “I’ve memorized the patterns now, but my breathing isn’t perfect. I feel like I’m the only one. I’m trying to make up for it with my fighting play,” he said, adding that he is in good shape to play.

KT was 1-5 against LG last season.

When asked how they prepared for the game, Ha said, “We focused a lot on defense, and the offense was what we were used to.”굿모닝토토

Yang Hong-seok joined LG from KT as a free agent. From the season opener, the two teams faced off against each other.

“It’s a funny situation, but I’m happy to see him. “If Yang Hong-seok’s brother is playing, it could be a matchup with me,” he said. “If it’s a matchup during the game, I’ll try to knock him out because he’s an enemy. If I get a chance, I’ll try to do an in-your-face (laughs).”

Ha Yoon-ki, one of KT’s pillars, is in his third season.

“Heo Hoon and Moon Sung-gon will join us later. “We’re not a bad team, and we have good players,” he said. “We’ll start the season with a good mood and good results, and we’ll work hard to improve our ranking when Hoon and Sung-gon join us.

KT will play its first game of the season against LG on Nov. 21 at 2 p.m. at Changwon Gymnasium.






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