‘Who made these uniforms?! I’m not asking you to admire Kim’s body…’→’Zero ventilation vinyl jersey’ makes players sweaty + exposes embarrassing breasts

Harry Kane made his debut for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga on Sept. 13.

The Bavarians lost 0-3 to Leipzig in the 2023-24 German Football League (DFL)-Supercup at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

After arriving in Munich the day before and undergoing medical tests, Kane didn’t start the game as he hadn’t had a full day to rest. Kane took the field as a substitute in the 18th minute of the second half, trailing 0-2. Kane’s performance was minimal as he was unable to link up with his teammates properly. He had to settle for three touches on the ball.

But the reason Bayern Munich played so poorly on this day, fans say, is because of their uniforms. They criticized the “zero-ventilation plastic bag jerseys,” which they said were unacceptable for a top team and top players.

Harry Kane was delighted to be back in a Bayern Munich shirt after more than two months, according to an article in the UK’s The Sun on Thursday. No wonder. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy didn’t approve of the move until Bayern Munich made a fourth offer, despite the club’s insistence that Kane join Tottenham.

It wasn’t until last weekend that Levy finally gave the green light and Harry Kane was able to fly to Munich with his wife on the club’s private plane.

However, the Bayern Munich jersey that Kane was so eager to wear was of an inexplicable material. It turned out to have a “major problem,” according to the press. The jerseys were not ventilated at all.

The jerseys that Bayern Munich wore against Leipzig this season were truly embarrassing for professional athletes to wear. The jerseys clung to the players’ bodies because they couldn’t wick away any sweat.

Not only that, but they were soaked with sweat that they showed off their bodies. The uniforms were so transparent that their breasts popped out and their navel was visible. If these were women’s uniforms, there would have been an uproar.

The uniforms were embarrassing to look at, and the players were so concerned about them that they kept tugging at them throughout the game to keep them from sticking to their skin.

But it was useless against the sweat. It was getting to the point where it was affecting my performance. “The jersey sticks to the body like a plastic bag,” the German press wrote in a headline. It wasn’t exactly breathable.

Of course, the Allianz Arena in Munich, where the game was played, was 80% humid. So it looked like it was raining. However, Leipzig’s jerseys were different from Bayern Munich’s: they were darker in color and didn’t look as sweaty as Bayern Munich’s white jerseys.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of criticism of Bayern Munich’s jerseys on social media. “What are those Bayern jerseys made of?” and “They’re so sweaty they’re practically see-through” were some of the comments from fans.

Meanwhile, the Bavarians, who are looking to win the Bundesliga title for the 12th consecutive season, open their league campaign on Sept. 18 when they travel to Werder Bremen. Harry Kane is expected to start. The home opener is on Sept. 27 against Augsburg.스포츠토토

“I’ve spent my whole career and my whole life in England,” Kane said at a press conference on Wednesday. It takes a bit of time to adapt to a new league, a different team,” he said, adding, “We all want Bayern Munich to win, but it’s a tough challenge because every year the other teams improve as well.”

“I’ve adapted throughout my career at Tottenham and with the England national team and I’m determined to do the same in Munich,” Kane said.






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